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Make a One-Time donation or join TrueBlue 22 to make recurring monthly donations

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Wesley Wish List


Buy an Additional Intentional Living Community House


Finish the Entire Upstairs &/or Renovate Current Building


Finish out part of the Upstairs to include office space, a conference room, and small group meeting rooms


Pay off remaining debt


Fund an Intern Exchange Program with other Wesley Foundations throughout the country to provide real world ministry experience for post-graduate students discerning calls to ministry


Enclose Front Porch & create a new porch on the College Heights side of the building

$20,000 (annually)

Fund an in-house post-graduate intern program


Expand & repave parking lot


International mission fund reserves or New roof


New Signage

One year of weekly lunches


Fund 3-day Discipleship Retreat for students

Smart Board WhiteBoard


Create New Library


Furniture for New Worship Area


New Student Promotional Giveaways


New Sound Equipment

Outdoor Patio Furniture


Annual Emma Email service subscription


Coffee Mugs

Replace Dishes as Needed in Kitchen

Office Furniture


Annual Deep Clean of the Kitchen

Update Landscaping


4’ x 6’ White Board

iPad for Ministry


Phone Charging Stations

New Desk for Beth


One Weekly Lunch


50 Bibles

Annual Fee for Website


Monthly Emma email service subscription


Bluetooth Speaker


Monthly Subscription to MinistryTracker


Scholarship for one Student’s Winter Discipleship Retreat


Box of Flav-o-r Ice Popsicles